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June 2017: An update to the site is long overdue and the solar links are a bit out of date, however, try the new Power and BeeHive temperature graphs here....Graphs.cgi

Fascinating BEE Fact: Bees will hold the temperature of their eggs and brood at a constant 34 deg C no matter how hot or cold the outside temperature is! You can see that on the graphs earlier in the year.

May 2013: Moving my infrastructure to Raspberry-PI's running off batteries charged by the sun. Got rid of all my old panels and bought 3 x 120watt jobs which gives me much more current than all the old ones I recycled / repaired.

May 2011: Dismantled the old Hot Air heater in favour of a proper Water Heater approach - using salvaged items of course! So far, with out rubbish weather I have had a maximum of 56 Degrees Centigrade after approx 6 hours heating. Stil in the process of revamping the webpages and databses but you can see whats going on by choosing the Solar link on the left and choose the "radiator" option.

1st March 2007: NEW - Actually got round to updating this page! New menus and a few link updates so far - Watch this space!

April 2008: Try the solar link on the menu and read about my Solar Heater.

One of my favourite films - ALIENS
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