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[View] 2 x Solar Panels Power Output
[View] Bee Hive Temperatures (started 14th Sept 2016)
[View] Bee Hive Temperatures -started 14th Sept 2016
[View] Loft / Garage Temperatures start=Aug 21
[View] Mains Power Input to House
[View] Power Consumption vs Produced vs Diverted
[View] Samil AVERAGE Grid Current Produced
[View] Samil AVERAGE Grid Frequency
[View] Samil AVERAGE Grid Voltage
[View] Samil Accumulated Energy
[View] Samil Accumulated Energy Today
[View] Samil Average DC Current
[View] Samil Average DC Solar Voltage
[View] Samil Operating Mode
[View] Samil Solar Power Produced
[View] Samil Total working Hours
[View] Shed Roof Temperatures
[View] old-Loft & Garage Temperatures
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